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Shortly after my debut novel, MEG: A Novel of Deep Terror was first published by Bantam/Doubleday back in the summer of 1997, I became inundated with email from teens, all of whom were telling me how they “hated to read, but LOVED MEG”, or that “MEG was the first book they ever finished.” Then teachers and librarians began emailing me about how popular MEG was among teens and that they were incorporating the book into their curriculum. When the Young Adult library Services Association listed MEG atop their Top Selections for Young Adults, I knew I had to get involved.

My background is in education; I earned a Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degree in Education and am certified to teach in secondary school. To support teachers and librarians, In 1999, I launched Adopt-an-Author, a 5013-C non-profit Teen Reading program which provides curriculum materials, videos, posters, and direct contact between our authors and students & teachers via email, skype, in-class calls, and personal visits. And everything is free!

We began with a dozen teachers in 1999 and now have over 10,000 registered teachers & librarians. See

With The MEG movie debuting in theaters on August 10, 2018 (starring Jason Statham, Ruby Rose, and Rainn Wilson), teacher enrollment is soaring.

To keep the program free, A&M Publishing is offering librarians and teachers an opportunity to purchase limited edition copies of several of my novels at substantial discounts. In some cases (MEG 20th Anniversary edition & MEG: Generations) these hardbacks are NOT and will NEVER be sold in stores and on Amazon to maintain their value as collector editions… and under great demand in those libraries who manage to snag a copy before they are sold out.

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